TGirl Makeup 104 – Pretty Painted Nails

  • For many tgirls, nail polish is one of their first forays into the mysterious world of makeup. Painted toenails can remain hidden under socks and shoes, so it’s safe. And I’ve known a lot of genetic girls who have a fascination with painting guys nails . . . so you can always claim your girlfriend [...]

  • TGirl Makeup 103 – Lips like Candy

  • So you’ve got the foundation, you’ve done your eyes, and now you just need to figure out what to do with your lips. No problem, this is the easiest step of them all! Soon you’ll be strutting down the street like a professional crossdresser :bubbles: Or at least strutting around your bedroom with a pretty [...]

  • TGirl Makeup 102 – She’s Got Crossdresser Eyes

  • Time to talk eye makeup. Eyes draw more attention than any other part of the face. Each of the six primary emotions can be expressed simply by the shape of the eyes. And there are more types of makeup for your eyes than any of your other features. So eyes are important! But don’t worry, [...]

  • TGirl Makeup 101 – Foundation

  • Ok, time for another useful post. Everyone asks me how to do their makeup better, and I’m certainly no expert, but I’ll tell you what I’ve learned over a few years of doing it. And it all starts with foundation (or coverup, same thing). I’m going to fly in the face of modern dermatology here, [...]