Business Trip + Blizzard = No Fun for a TGirl

  • It’s been awhile since my last post because I spent most of this week out of town on a business trip for my day job. And I was kind of excited about it because I figured I’d have lots of time to take pics for The Crossdresser .com in my (expensive) hotel room . . [...]

  • I Did It! – First Ever HDR TGirl

  • Here it is! You are privy to the first ever HDR photograph captured of a wild crossdresser in her natural habitat ( <- left). And thanks to the marvels of modern science, you can see it side by side with the exact same pic without the benefit of HDR (right -> ). No longer will [...]

  • So Much For HDR Tgirl Pics

  • Ok, remember that great idea I had about being the first person to make HDR porn? Ya, didn’t work. Looks like crap in fact. The HDR tone mapping just made a wreck of all the subtle variations that make skin look natural. Sure, the background lighting looked kind of cool, but that was only half [...]

  • HDR Tgirls

  • So I was thinking today . . . (I know, I should stop that, right? ) I’ve been getting into HDR (high dynamic range) images lately just for fun. Those are the type of images/graphics they’ve started to use in video games to simulate the way your eye sees really bright lights and dark shadows. [...]