Toe Sucking Tgirl

  • From time to time working in the porn industry I run into some strange stuff. I get some strange requests. And, well . . . I do some strange things A few weeks ago I got a request to see me licking my own toes. I bet there are some people out there wondering what [...]

  • Another Successful Member Request Completed

  • I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I love doing special requests for my members I just really get off on the idea of making someone’s exact fantasy come true. I guess lots of porn sites let members “suggest” sets for the models to do, but at I handle requests differently – I actually [...]

  • Such a lack of Crossdresser Porn in the World . . .

  • I’ve gotten so many requests recently for sets . . . you’d think I was the only crossdresser in the world doing porn! Not that I’m really complaining – I love getting requests, I really do It’s just hard to keep up with everything, and I always feel bad when I get a photo request [...]

  • TGirls are Popular (with their members)

  • I’ve always thought it was pretty erotic to do special request photoshoots for my members, but I never got a ton of requests. One every now and then, and half the time I could never get ahold of the member who made the request in order to get more details . . . So I’m [...]