TGirls are Popular (with their members)

  • I’ve always thought it was pretty erotic to do special request photoshoots for my members, but I never got a ton of requests. One every now and then, and half the time I could never get ahold of the member who made the request in order to get more details . . . So I’m pretty open and vocal about wanting to get member requests on The Crossdresser .com, and I provide plenty of links to feedback forms where members can request custom sets (free of charge I might add!). Anyway, still just a request here or there, not much. Maybe one every 3-4 months if I was lucky.

    Well all that changed this week! I had been getting a few more requests recently for specific outfits (pantyhose are pretty popular, imagine that :P Specific colors have also been a big thing) so I was up to about one every month . . . which was accounting for a good percentage of my updates, and I felt pretty good about it. Then all of a sudden this Monday, I got 5 requests in one day :!: How crazy is that? And they were all very different sets that were requested, so I know it wasn’t just one member spamming me or something.

    Anyway, I’m feeling pretty special right about now, and really looking forward to doing these special sets! I get so turned on knowing that I’m making someone’s fantasy come true, I really do love doing requests! I’ve also taken to making special photos for the members that request a set, just a personal “thank you” for inspiring me to be my sexiest. I think the fansigns complete with the members name which are not distributed on the site but only to the requesting member have been a big hit.

    So if you want a very personal and private crossdressing picture of me complete with your name and sealed with a lipstick kiss, all you have to do is sign up at The Crossdresser .com and submit a request ;) The membership fee is a small price to pay to make you deepest fantasy come true, don’t you think :D

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