Showing off my New Makeup

  • Nope, I’m not dead It’s just been a hectic month. But you’d know I wasn’t dead if you’d been watching my regular updates on my website! Sorry guys, updates for my members takes priority over diary entries. But don’t worry, I will keep posting on here especially as my life settles back down a bit. [...]

  • Tgirl Eyeshadow Review – Victoria Secret Beauty Rush

  • You know, I’m all about being a dirty messy gurl, but not when I’m doing my makeup! Victoria Secret Beauty Rush eyeshadow looked like a great idea in the store, but the stuff is nearly impossible to use. To be fair, the colors are even better than the pic shows with some bright sparkles that [...]

  • TGirl Makeup 102 – She’s Got Crossdresser Eyes

  • Time to talk eye makeup. Eyes draw more attention than any other part of the face. Each of the six primary emotions can be expressed simply by the shape of the eyes. And there are more types of makeup for your eyes than any of your other features. So eyes are important! But don’t worry, [...]