Tgirl Eyeshadow Review – Victoria Secret Beauty Rush

  • Beauty Rush EyeshadowYou know, I’m all about being a dirty messy gurl, but not when I’m doing my makeup! Victoria Secret Beauty Rush eyeshadow looked like a great idea in the store, but the stuff is nearly impossible to use. To be fair, the colors are even better than the pic shows with some bright sparkles that make the color almost glow (VS calls it “luminous”, which I think has become a total cliche term in the beauty industry lately). But this eyeshadow has the consistency of talc powder and falls off the funny little brush.

    And speaking of the brush, it’s attached to the cap, kind of like a nail polish brush, and is at a terrible angle for application. I always expected to get carpal tunnel syndrome from my computer, but not my eyeshadow! This is another part that seems great in the store – it has a really interesting feel, like a firm sponge brush, and gives the impression of having great control and precision – but just try to stick that thing on your eyelid without hitting your nose or brow or something else . . . and all the while little trickles of powder are going everywhere.

    Anyway, if you do manage to hit your eyelid with the makeup, it leaves this great intense streak of color that is fairly workable and blendable . . . except that the tip of the brush does not hold much makeup, possibly due to half of it being on the floor . . . and you end up with a big splotch that quickly tapers off to nothing before you can get halfway across your lid.

    So overall, if you can handle the frustrations of using this eyeshadow, you can get some very colorful eyes. But I *definitely* don’t recommend it for crossdressing, since most of us aren’t exactly masters of makeup, and this will only make your life even more difficult. Not that I’m throwing the stuff out, but it did prompt me to go buy some really good makeup to use as a base – I think the Beauty Rush stuff will be relegated to only highlights and shadows.

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