European Crossdressing

  • Well it only took 2 trips to Germany to finally get to take some sexy crossdressing photos in a European hotel room . . . but I think it was worth the wait I had this whole plan to do a neat bathtub shoot (bathtubs in Germany are particularly well suited to taking photos, with [...]

  • Designer Shoes in a Designer Hotel

  • I’ve always enjoyed my slightly trampy teen look and turned my nose up at most refined designer fashion. Which in retrospect is a bit strange, since I have an absolute obsession with pantyhose and stockings, and I find vintage lingerie and makeup quite attractive . . . anyway, I suppose I just never thought I [...]

  • Eating my TGirl Cumsicle

  • I get a lot of requests at The Crossdresser .com to save up my cum and then do a video of me eating it. I guess it’s kind of like the solo version of a bukkake scene Actually, I’d rather do a real bukkake (fresh cum just tastes much better than frozen!) but until I [...]

  • Cutest TGirl Shoes Ever – Three Strap Mary Janes

  • I have been looking for these shoes forever! Ok, well actually just since October 24th, 2003 when I found this post at SockDreams . . . apparently three strap mary janes are a hot commodity and hard to come by! On a side note though, I *LOVE* SockDreams, because who else would find questions about [...]

  • Schoolgirl – My Favorite Crossdressing Look

  • I had a photoshoot this weekend and got to wear that outfit I’ve been dying to do a set in Yup, the green plaid jumper, purple argyle tights, and platform saddle shoes. Did I mention that I love dressing up as a schoolgirl? Well anyway, I’ve got this great antique school desk too (seriously, it [...]