Schoolgirl – My Favorite Crossdressing Look

  • I had a photoshoot this weekend and got to wear that outfit I’ve been dying to do a set in :) Yup, the green plaid jumper, purple argyle tights, and platform saddle shoes. Did I mention that I love dressing up as a schoolgirl?

    Well anyway, I’ve got this great antique school desk too (seriously, it has a hole for an inkwell and everything! I did mention that I love playing schoolgirl, right?) and I collect old books so . . . naturally I had to do a “vintage” schoolgirl set. It’s not completely vintage because I couldn’t bring myself to do the shoot in black and white and lose the gorgeous red color in my pigtails (not to mention the purple in my tights!), so I just went for an “aged” look . . . but I think it came out well. And just in case anyone missed the fact that I love my school uniforms . . . take a look at the upper right of the photo :D D

    Katie Loving her School Uniform

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