Business Trip + Blizzard = No Fun for a TGirl

  • It’s been awhile since my last post because I spent most of this week out of town on a business trip for my day job. And I was kind of excited about it because I figured I’d have lots of time to take pics for The Crossdresser .com in my (expensive) hotel room . . [...]

  • A TGirl in the Snow

  • It’s been snowing here for about 4 days now. Well, Cincinnati snow at least. So there’s actually about 1/2″ of snow, then 1/2″ of ice, then another 1/2″ of snow, and another 1/2″ of ice. When you step on it, the layers of ice crack and the sound echoes off all the unbroken snow . [...]

  • Cold Weather Sucks for TGirls

  • I know I’ve complained about shaving before, but this is miserable. I guess this is the first winter I’ve actually tried to keep myself smooth and sexy all the time – last few years I’ve dressed, I was only shaving when I wanted to do photos. Well anyway, between the cold and the dry air [...]