Crossdresser with Braces

  • I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a thing for braces. To the point that it’s a pretty serious fetish of mine, along the lines of pigtails, schoolgirl uniforms, redheads, and pantyhose. Not that those fetishes are in any way related Yes, my formative sexual years were spent at a catholic grade school staring [...]

  • Cutest TGirl Shoes Ever – Three Strap Mary Janes

  • I have been looking for these shoes forever! Ok, well actually just since October 24th, 2003 when I found this post at SockDreams . . . apparently three strap mary janes are a hot commodity and hard to come by! On a side note though, I *LOVE* SockDreams, because who else would find questions about [...]

  • TGirl Creampies

  • Yup, that’s me lapping up my own creampie out of my new model, Jenny. Well to be fair most of it just sort of dribbled out all over my face But what was left I made sure to lap up! I actually surprised myself with the size of this load. Probably because we were dressed [...]

  • Schoolgirl – My Favorite Crossdressing Look

  • I had a photoshoot this weekend and got to wear that outfit I’ve been dying to do a set in Yup, the green plaid jumper, purple argyle tights, and platform saddle shoes. Did I mention that I love dressing up as a schoolgirl? Well anyway, I’ve got this great antique school desk too (seriously, it [...]

  • TGirls Wear Uniforms to School too

  • I wasn’t going to take photos today since I had a ton of stuff to do on the website (obviously, since I’m just now finishing up at 3:30am, yikes!) but I wanted to dress up just for fun. Ok, actually I tried on 5 or 6 outfits – some of the new stuff I bought [...]