TGirl Creampies

  • Katie Eating Her Own CreampieYup, that’s me lapping up my own creampie out of my new model, Jenny. Well to be fair most of it just sort of dribbled out all over my face :P But what was left I made sure to lap up! I actually surprised myself with the size of this load. Probably because we were dressed as little schoolgirls in knee-high socks, plaid skirts, and cute panties . . . the whole nine yards ;) Oh, and I had been crossdressing for sets and having sex for nearly 8 hours at that point without cumming, haha.

    So anyway, I went back to look at the video, and I probably lost a good teaspoon of cum on the floor when I pulled my quivering little clitty out of Jenny’s hot sperm-filled pussy. Then I caught what I could of the next dribbles on my face, but seeing as this was the first time I had ever tried to eat a creampie, and the first time Jenny had ever tried to control a flood of cum inside her, we had the angle wrong and lost a good bit more on the floor. And the desk. And the chair too. :bubbles:

    Then I reached up and spread Jenny’s pussy open thinking there might be just a little left, and a huge glob of cum ran down over her ass. I missed that one too. Plop on the floor. :eek: So then I did the porn model thing and stuck my finger in her pussy, and wow! Now I understand why they do that, it was sopping wet in there, cum everywhere, but I couldn’t get much more out. So I gave up and settled for the (sizeable) mess on my face that you see in the pic.

    I made the mistake of stopping the camera then, because as soon as Jenny stood up this stream of cum ran out of her, down her legs and all over the carpet. If I didn’t know better, I’d have sworn 4 or 5 guys had filled her up. But no, it was just li’l ole me 0:) Who knew crossdressers had firehoses between their legs!?

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