Friday the 13th!

  • Yay, it’s Friday the 13th! :cheer: It’s my second favorite holiday after Halloween!

    What? Well I already knew I was a bit odd . . . I dress up in girl’s clothes and take pictures of myself for god’s sake! Apparently being a tgirl comes with some other little quirks as well. But that’s just what makes me so lovable and adorable :bubbles:

    Work got so crazy this week though that I’m really just looking for any excuse I can to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday. Oy. The good news is I might be changing jobs (just my day job, don’t worry, I will keep running The Crossdresser .com for quite awhile!). The bad news is my new job might require even longer hours, more travel, and I will be working at 3 levels above my payscale! :eek: The things I do to try and get promoted . . .

    But for the next two days I’m thinking about nothing but crossdressing and the website! And the very tasty bottle of Ardbeg Scotch in front of me :P

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