My Girlfriend Peed on my Sissy Cock

  • Allie and I haven’t had much time recently to take crossdressing photos, but last night we finally found some free time and were both in the mood. I’ve been waiting forever to see Allie dressed up in black stockings and her new red leather t-strap heels (I was so excited when I found those for [...]

  • TGirl Panty Drawer

  • I did this a while ago now, but it’s been forever since I’ve posted on the blog . . . so I thought I would start up again with the announcement of my refurbished Katie’s Closet area of (sorry, members only. but don’t worry, it’s easy to join if you click the link ). [...]

  • Designer Shoes in a Designer Hotel

  • I’ve always enjoyed my slightly trampy teen look and turned my nose up at most refined designer fashion. Which in retrospect is a bit strange, since I have an absolute obsession with pantyhose and stockings, and I find vintage lingerie and makeup quite attractive . . . anyway, I suppose I just never thought I [...]

  • I’m Back with a New Girl

  • Ok, well actually I never really left. But I’m back to blog writing I had a very busy summer with lots of work (boo), lots of travel (yeah!), and lots of sex Lots of sex because . . . I have a new girlfriend, and she loves sex as much as I do. Don’t worry, [...]