Friday the 13th!

  • Yay, it’s Friday the 13th! :cheer: It’s my second favorite holiday after Halloween! What? Well I already knew I was a bit odd . . . I dress up in girl’s clothes and take pictures of myself for god’s sake! Apparently being a tgirl comes with some other little quirks as well. But that’s just [...]

  • Bad Week for this TGirl

  • Ok, this is a lame first post in awhile (and first post of the month too for that matter), but I’ve had a pretty shitty time at the day job this week, on top of traveling for the better part of last month. Today I had a senior manager say to me “that’s absolutely appalling [...]

  • Sometimes Being a TGirl Catches Up with Me

  • Eek, it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything! Living a double life has been a little rough lately – the day job has been out of control, April is shaping up to be the worst month of the year so far for the website, and I’ve been fighting a sinus infection and sore throat for [...]

  • No Rest for an Amateur TGirl

  • You know, considering that 90% of my waking hours that aren’t spent at work are spent working on my website (the other 10% go to cleaning the house or playing broomball), I really don’t understand how I get so far behind some weeks! I never realized that running a website was so much work until [...]