No Rest for an Amateur TGirl

  • You know, considering that 90% of my waking hours that aren’t spent at work are spent working on my website (the other 10% go to cleaning the house or playing broomball), I really don’t understand how I get so far behind some weeks! I never realized that running a website was so much work until I really got into it. I mean, you can run a website casually, just post some pics every now and then when you feel like it, and that’s no big deal. But if you actually feel obligated to update every week (which I do!), plus write diary entries (private ones for members only ;) ), plus keep up all the extra features (like my virtual searchable crossdressing closet, my rotating favorite pictures, my gallery of paintings that have been done of me, etc), plus keep up with industry contacts and market the site . . . it’s easily a full time job plus some. And then there’s this blog on top of everything, which I love, but it takes time too!

    Oy :!:

    Well hopefully things are calming down, because I owe everyone some posts on here. And I need to do some more photo shoots. And I’m trying to redecorate my den (ie hang curtains so the neighbors can’t see me prancing around in pantyhose and high heels :P )

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