TGirl’s First Foot Slave

  • Katie's First Foot SlaveI had a very interesting experience this past weekend (after the not-so-exciting business trip) – I had the distinct pleasure of being served by a very talented foot slave :) Yes of course I’m serious! I have both pics and video to prove it. Actually so much video that I ran out of tape, which was rather unfortunate :(

    Anyway, my new-found friend has actually starred as a foot slave in several full-feature adult films . . . which makes me almost famous by association :cool: He was great too – really nice guy, very professional, and very very into my pantyhose encased feet and legs. And by the end of the evening, my cute little bare toes as well.

    I really enjoyed having my toes licked and sucked on, especially through my pantyhose. And I’ve always wanted to try giving a footjob ;) I think I did a pretty good job for my first time as a foot mistress . . . but I do hope that I have a chance to try again! I don’t think I was a very strict mistress, I was just enjoying myself too much! Next time though . . . better watch out :evil:

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