Happy TGirl Holidays

  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year – being on vacation from the day job for the holidays means plenty of time for crossdressing and taking sexy photos Allie is getting in on the action this year too, as I’m sure you can see from the grip she has on my cock in my [...]

  • Aftermath of a TGirl Christmas

  • Well after the cute pic of me in a santa hat and the happy-go-lucky pre-Christmas post . . . the real world strikes. Well honestly, what did you all expect anyway?? I spent the day today with my family, whom I don’t get along with. For perspective, they kicked me out of the house and [...]

  • A TGirl Christmas

  • Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays from TGirl’s Blog and The Crossdresser.com! I won’t be going very far, but for all of you who are traveling, stay safe! Oh don’t worry, I’ll still be here posting for the next week, I just don’t expect many people to be around reading until the new [...]