Aftermath of a TGirl Christmas

  • Well after the cute pic of me in a santa hat and the happy-go-lucky pre-Christmas post . . . the real world strikes. Well honestly, what did you all expect anyway??

    I spent the day today with my family, whom I don’t get along with. For perspective, they kicked me out of the house and didn’t speak to me for 5 years when they found out I liked wearing pantyhose . . . needless to say, they don’t know about Katie, and spending the day with them at this point is a bit like torture. Ok, but that was all to be expected, and explains the bottle of wine I have in me at the moment. Nothing out of the ordinary there :)

    The really strange part is that I came home horny. I mean REALLY horny. Like I would have jumped on anything that moved slow enough for me catch and fucked its brains out. Ok, so I would normally do something like that. But tonight was excessive, to the point that I almost started dialing random phone numbers asking for sex. The only thing that stopped me is my hatred of telephones.

    Ok, I’m going to stop while I still qualify as “crazy” and not “demented”. But see what holidays do to me? Today’s lesson boys and girls is “don’t spend time with your family – it will only land you in a mental institute”. Words to live by.

    And with that, I’m out. I’ll be back to my normal, cute, crossdressing self in the next day or two ;)

    Oh wait, you want to know what happened to that insane horniness earlier? Well ok . . . I dressed up in 100% nylon thigh highs under angora wool stockings, then put on a cute little plaid skirt, a big bulky christmas sweater, and a pair of stiletto “bet-you-can’t-walk-with-these-on” heels . . . then I wrapped my dick in lycra stockings, a rubber cock sheath, and a couple leather cock rings, looked at porn for about 3 hours, and finally after all that let myself explode. Hopefully that took care of enough of it that I will be able to keep my hands to myself tomorrow!

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