A TGirl Christmas

  • Katie's Christmas PicJust wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays from TGirl’s Blog and The Crossdresser.com!

    I won’t be going very far, but for all of you who are traveling, stay safe!

    Oh don’t worry, I’ll still be here posting for the next week, I just don’t expect many people to be around reading until the new year :P You’re going to have some catching up to do!

    Actually, I’m hoping to use some of the quiet time to get some real work done on the sites. You know, only 5 or so major projects that I’d like to get off the ground, no big deal. What are they you ask? Well, the really exciting ones you’re just going to have to wait and see when I finish them. They’re top secret!

    The “boring” one is that I’m re-rendering all of my videos to improve file sizes and downloads. No more massive 1.5GB files, now you can get just the clip you want in a much more efficient package. Along with this I’m actually INCREASING the resolution of the videos too, so you’ll get better quality (HD quality in fact!) in bite sized 150MB clips. DVD quality videos are now in the 50MB size range, and STV quality comes in dial-up friendly 10MB files.

    Don’t get too excited, remember that was the BORING project I’m working on!

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