Even TGirls Have Real Life Problems

  • I had all sorts of plans for my time off work over the holidays to catch up on TheCrossdresser.com, write some great posts here, finish a few projects, and get some work done around the house. But no, apparently life had other plans for me. Never fails, right?

    I sat down at my computer yesterday to get down to some serious TGirl work when I see a note that my website is offline . . . that’s never a good start to the day, and wasn’t going to do much good to work on my site if it didn’t even exist. So obviously I decided to investigate. And to make a long story short, there was either a malicious attack on my site, or my hosting company can’t count. At the moment I think the odds are about 50/50, and I’m not expecting to actually find out what happened at this point. The result, however, was my site being down for the entire day :( (don’t worry, it’s back up now!).

    Then, to make things even better, 15min into my above investigation there was a huge crash from upstairs . . . apparently my ceiling fan decided that it didn’t much like being on the ceiling anymore, because when I ran upstairs I found it on the floor.

    So ALL day yesterday and half of today was wasted taking care of these two emergencies. Hopefully tomorrow will actually be productive . . .

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