New Crossdressing Pic of the Day

  • My crossdressing pic of the day should be no surprise to anyone who’s ever read my blog (the link has been on the top left side of the page for as long as I’ve been blogging), but I’ve just spent the last few weeks making some major upgrades. First, I’ve added hundreds of new photos [...]

  • Sexy Secretary Glasses

  • I love member requests, I really do. Yes I recently got another one, and yes I thought it too was blog-worthy (and yes, it’s currently available in the members area of ) Anyway, I was a little surprised that I had never done anything like this since it’s a fairly common fetish. A member [...]

  • Toe Sucking Tgirl

  • From time to time working in the porn industry I run into some strange stuff. I get some strange requests. And, well . . . I do some strange things A few weeks ago I got a request to see me licking my own toes. I bet there are some people out there wondering what [...]

  • TGirl Panty Drawer

  • I did this a while ago now, but it’s been forever since I’ve posted on the blog . . . so I thought I would start up again with the announcement of my refurbished Katie’s Closet area of (sorry, members only. but don’t worry, it’s easy to join if you click the link ). [...]

  • TGirl’s First Foot Slave

  • I had a very interesting experience this past weekend (after the not-so-exciting business trip) – I had the distinct pleasure of being served by a very talented foot slave Yes of course I’m serious! I have both pics and video to prove it. Actually so much video that I ran out of tape, which was [...]