Sexy Secretary Glasses

  • I love member requests, I really do. Yes I recently got another one, and yes I thought it too was blog-worthy (and yes, it’s currently available in the members area of :) ) Anyway, I was a little surprised that I had never done anything like this since it’s a fairly common fetish. A member asked me to wear glasses for a shoot. crossdresser in glasses Well, and he asked me to cum on my glasses. And dress up like a certain attractive female governor. And play with a container of my own cum that I had been saving up. And say some very naughty things on camera. And wear sheer nylon stockings. And . . . ok, well the rest is a bit personal ;) The point is that I had never worn glasses for a shoot before, and I didn’t even own any glasses I could use.

    So this shoot started out with a trip to Walmart, which believe it or not isn’t too uncommon. I searched for a pair of reasonably attractive reading glasses with the lowest possible prescription level. And of course I had my phone with me with a picture of the porn-inspiring governor pulled up so I could compare styles. I found a suitable pair and headed home with my new prop to put together a set and get dressed.

    I was pretty interested to see how I looked in my new secretary glasses, so as soon as I had my makeup done I tried them on . . . and realized I couldn’t even see myself in the mirror :P Ah well, I would see myself in the photos, right? So I finished getting ready, turned on the photography lights, lined up the cameras, put my glasses on . . . and about broke my ankle trying to walk across the room in my heels. Wow, I had no idea how much a 1.2x magnification could screw up your vision. I did eventually get to the set with my ankle in one piece and started shooting though. I ended up with lots of shots of me peering over the edge of my new glasses to figure out where the camera was. But that’s ok, it worked well for the persona I was going for :) And you know what? Once I had plastered my glasses with a wine glass full of cum, then arched my back and shot a big fresh load of cum all over my face . . . I couldn’t really tell I was wearing glasses any more anyway – eventually I just had to lick the lenses clean to see anything at all :)

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