Mountainclimbing – Another TGirl Workout

  • Yup, mountainclimbing. What can I say, guess I’ve got a bit of a tomboy streak I spent the past three days backpacking in the Adirondack Mountains. There are 46 peaks in those mountains with elevations over 4000 feet, and on Sunday we climbed four of them, including the second tallest in the range. The photo [...]

  • TGirl in the Big City

  • Ok, maybe catching up on posts was a bit too optimistic, but at least I will write some posts this week! I did manage to do one photo set from my hotel room last week, so thought I’d share something from that. I think it’s actually the first time I’ve ever woken up in the [...]

  • First T-Girl in Space

  • I was completely playing around with this one, but I had intended to do a serious photoshoot . . . I was a little lacking in inspiration though, and I had a few items I’d never used yet. Weird stuff. Like a Zentai costume and a green screen. Ok, actually those two item go together [...]