First T-Girl in Space

  • I was completely playing around with this one, but I had intended to do a serious photoshoot . . . I was a little lacking in inspiration though, and I had a few items I’d never used yet. Weird stuff. Like a Zentai costume and a green screen. Ok, actually those two item go together quite well, but it wasn’t planned I promise! And maybe I was slightly influenced by the new photoshop tricks I learned the other day. But anyway, I ended up picking out a nice sci-fi outfit (to go over the zentai suit of course), some futuristic-looking props, and a green screen backdrop.

    The end result was a totally Dr. Who – looking android set. Or is that trandroid (tranny android?) . . . you know you’ve dreamed of it, c’mon! Below is a collage of original Dr Who androids and cybermen (thank you BBC) next to one of the pics I took. So who do you think would win, the cybermen or the trandroids?

    Dr Who Collage  Katie the Trandroid

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