Hello (tran) Kitty Porn

  • I know, I was being a total tease in my last post when I mentioned the new zentai set that I did. So I decided to be nice and show you my newest debauchery. I mean, what could be worse than Hello Kitty porn :cat: . . . other than crossdressing Hello Kitty porn! :cat: [...]

  • TGirl Xentai and Photoshop

  • Ok, a looooong time ago, I made a post about doing an tgirl android (trandroid I believe would be the appropriate name ) photoshoot using a zentai suit and a greenscreen. I did the shoot around a year ago actually, and I still haven’t posted it on The Crossdresser .com because . . . well [...]

  • First T-Girl in Space

  • I was completely playing around with this one, but I had intended to do a serious photoshoot . . . I was a little lacking in inspiration though, and I had a few items I’d never used yet. Weird stuff. Like a Zentai costume and a green screen. Ok, actually those two item go together [...]