TGirl Xentai and Photoshop

  • Ok, a looooong time ago, I made a post about doing an tgirl android (trandroid I believe would be the appropriate name ;) ) photoshoot using a zentai suit and a greenscreen. I did the shoot around a year ago actually, and I still haven’t posted it on The Crossdresser .com because . . . well that greenscreen is a huge pain in the ass! Every time I would learn a new Photoshop trick, I’d try it out to replace the greenscreen, and every time it would look like crap. I thought greenscreens were supposed to be easy to replace!? That one pic I stuck in my origianal post about crossdressing androids took around an hour of fiddling, and it still only looked OK.

    Well that’s all changed now :D . I just finished up processing ALL of the pics from that set, and it only took me . . . well, about 8 hours. Greenscreens still suck :mad: But at least they are done now, and I can post the set next week. All thanks to the fact that I finally learned how to use PS. Or at least enough of Photoshop to figure out how to mask out a greenscreen. In the meantime, here’s a before and after shot:
    tgirl android before photoshopcrossdressing android after photoshop

    Much cleaner, eh? Well anyway, I was so excited about it that I decided to do a brand new zentai set to celebrate. With no greenscreen this time! I think trandroids and crossdressing cosplay might really catch on here . . . hehe, c’mon, all the cool kids are doing it! :cool: Well, the cool kids in Japan are at least . . .

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