TGirl Addictions

  • So you know how girls are addicted to things like purses and shopping, guys are addicted to things like tools and gadgets, and nerds are addicted to computers and books? Well . . . as a nerdy t-girl, I apparently get to be addicted to all of the above :P Maybe not the purses or tools so much, but I definitely have more than my fair share of addictions. And for whatever reason, when the weather starts to get cold I start buying stuff. It must have something to do with being less active, or not being able to go outside . . . but whatever causes it, it’s expensive!

    My recent big purchase was Adobe Creative Suite 4 (that’s the new version of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver). That counts as a nerdy purchase I guess, but it’s also website related which makes it sort of a crossdressing purchase. Sort of. And then I realized that I didn’t know how to use my new software very well, and considering what I paid for it I’m not about to let it go unused. So I had to buy some books to learn how to use all my new software.

    Then I decided that it was about time to buy wig stands for a couple wigs I have that I’d been hanging over doorknobs and the like. Definitely a tgirl purchase. And while I was at it I bought some smaller breastforms to wear with strappy tops. You know, just so I could combine shipping.

    And the other day I was at the hardware store (picking up some stuff I actually needed), and of course I wandered around a bit . . . and I found a set of worksite lights (you know, the big quartz lamps you can light up your entire yard with) on sale for 80% off. So of course I couldn’t pass those up. I’m going to use them as studio lighting, but really, did I need another 1200W of light?

    I can justify most of this stuff as investments in the website, and to be honest they are all things that I will use regularly and probably make me more productive . . . but I also just really wanted them :P Oh well, guess I will find out in a few months (tax time) if I overspent or underspent this year! Wish me luck!

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