Anal Lube

  • So I know that I’m a porn model and I should already be an expert on this stuff, but . . . I’m still learning apparently. Considering that as a crossdresser my most frequently penetrated orifice during shoots is my ass, I’ve always had trouble with anal sex even just with toys. I like to [...]

  • Tantus Ace TGirl Toy Review

  • It’s no surprise where the name of the Tantus Ace butt plug comes from. It looks like a giant spade stuck on a pole. The photo doesn’t do this thing justice – it’s 1.65″ across at its widest point, and 4.25″ long. This guy is no smooth insertion like those long cone-shaped butt plugs. The [...]

  • The Most Amazing TGirl Toy Ever

  • Wow I just had the most amazing anal toy experience imaginable. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I never understood all the hype about anal sex and the p-spot. Don’t get me wrong, I can find my prostate, and it feels good . . . but no matter how hard I tried, [...]

  • Stockings – Good for More than Just Legs

  • Sure, a good pair of thigh highs feel great on your legs, but every tgirl knows that they also feel great in more intimate places! Ok, to be fair, I would be happy to wear pantyhose on my entire body (recall my zentai pic?), but I think most crossdressers would at least agree that stockings [...]