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    So I know that I’m a porn model and I should already be an expert on this stuff, but . . . I’m still learning apparently. Considering that as a crossdresser my most frequently penetrated orifice during shoots is my ass, I’ve always had trouble with anal sex even just with toys. I like to be penetrated, but I would always get irritated well before I was done with the shoot. I assumed I just had a sensitive ass.

    Turns out that all these years I’ve just been using the wrong lube for anal sex. As you can see from the screen cap above, Allie gave me a thorough ass fucking last night with her feeldoe dildo. She really went to town on my tight tgirl ass . . . and it felt good :!: I mean really good. Like good enough that I almost came from her rubbing against my prostate without even touching my engorged clitty. (If you’re wondering, I managed to hold off my orgasm until we got the cameras arranged for the finale, and I jizzed all over my silk tank top with Allie’s fake cock up my ass)

    So what is this magic lube that I found? Vaseline. Seriously. Not that I haven’t used good old petroleum jelly on my ass before, and sure I know that it’s a good thick non-drying lubricant. But it’s oil based, so not good for sex and not good for toys, right? Well, sort of. It’s not good for vaginal sex, that’s true. And it will wreck a condom or any “jelly” rubber toy, so no good there. But turns out it’s perfectly fine for silicone toys. So from now on I’m sticking to only silicone or glass toys so I can pamper my delicate ass hole with Vaseline :)

    And one other thing I learned . . . turns out that greasy film that jelly rubber toys get coated in as they age? It’s a plasticizer added to the rubber to make it soft, and it separates out over time. And it’s also a known skin irritant and has a tendency to “melt” other rubber toys that come in contact with it. Great stuff. So screw all those jelly toys I have that aren’t compatible with my new favorite anal lube and are coated in skin irritants to boot. I’m sticking with silicone :)

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    1. I too love Vaseline as an anal lube. Sure, I use other lubes too….but Vaseline is da bomb.
      I use a device called a “drencher”[1] to really get up there [60cc, 6" deep], and and a second shot as I pull it out. This alone gets me so horny. After this, I’m good for an unlimited time of anal play. However, I must confess that 120cc of Vaseline does have consequences later [seepage]. I don’t care because it’s so worth it. Besides, that when full-brief disposable diapers come in.

      [1] The Drencher – a medical grade syringe, with a stainless steel tip [6" long] and a small smooth ball at the end with a hole. Any farm supply store carries these in their veterinary medical dept. Normally these are used to get into and flush wounds of farm animals. But as soon as I saw it, I knew there was a much better use for it.

      BTW the German name for Vaseline is… der Veinerslider [a joke]

    2. Thanks for the tip about the “drencher”, I might have to look in to one of those :)

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