TGirls Shouldn’t Use Computers

  • So . . . remember when I fried the shit out of my computer 6 weeks ago? Well it never quite recovered. I thought I had it fixed after I pulled the graphics cards and reformatted, but about once a week since then it just goes wacky. So every week I was pulling out another [...]

  • High-Tech TGirl

  • So after my computer breaking down, I was out of town for a week on business (the real kind of business, not the fun kind). And the first day I was gone I checked my email only to discover a message that my websites had been suspended because they were getting too many visitors! This [...]

  • This Is My Computer on Drugs. Any Questions?

  • My computer broke. I think I burnt out 2 video cards, maybe worse. It’s currently eviscerated :fight: , it’s overheated entrails strewn across my desk, fans rattling like the lungs of a terminal emphysemic. I’m pillaging the hard drive as I type, desperately pulling off my important documents, website updates, etc. It’s a bit disturbing [...]

  • Photoshoots Today

  • Today is photoshoot day for my website (, but you knew that already). Takes several days of preparation – getting ready to shave, putting together sets and outfits, etc. Between getting ready, changing outfits, and actually taking the pics and video, I’ve been working for 7 hours already, with at least one more set to [...]