TGirls Shouldn’t Use Computers

  • So . . . remember when I fried the shit out of my computer 6 weeks ago? Well it never quite recovered. I thought I had it fixed after I pulled the graphics cards and reformatted, but about once a week since then it just goes wacky. So every week I was pulling out another component or re-reformatting or something. This week was the last straw though – I was down to either the motherboard or the processor being bad, so I said hell with it and replaced the whole damn thing.

    My computer made of woodI built my new baby myself . . . which will either be good or bad – the last computer I built from scratch was installed in a wooden case with a dowel-rod reset button, drilled holes for a speaker port, and a screendoor patch kit as a dust cover for the fan (singular).

    Crazy big computer fanAt least I won’t have to worry about overheating my new maching – the case has a 250mm fan in the side. Yes 250mm, almost a foot across. Plus a 120mm in the front and back, and a pair of 80mm fans on the roof. Think I’m a bit paranoid now? :lol:

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