TGirl Addictions

  • So you know how girls are addicted to things like purses and shopping, guys are addicted to things like tools and gadgets, and nerds are addicted to computers and books? Well . . . as a nerdy t-girl, I apparently get to be addicted to all of the above Maybe not the purses or tools [...]

  • New Crossdressing Clothes

  • Just thought you might like to know what I found this past week shopping for new t-girl outfits. That way you’ll know what to expect in my photos soon I bought a couple new pairs of shoes online, including a pair of patent leather thigh-high boots. How hot Also some glittery pink pumps, and a [...]

  • I Love the Vintage Photo Look

  • Just finishing posting this week’s update to The Crossdresser .com, and was thinking about what to write about for my blog post when it struck me how much I really like the vintage photography look. Every time I do a really cool elaborate set, I end up looking at the pics and thinking what great [...]

  • About Time I Got to go Shopping

  • I’ve been wanting to go clothes shopping since before Christmas and just finally made it to the mall yesterday. Yup, I’m actually one of the few people that still shops at the mall. At least for clothes. I buy almost everything online, but you really can’t beat the sale racks at the mall for girl [...]

  • I want to shop!

  • I am really in the mood to buy stuff today. I get in a mood like this every month or two, and I have no idea what causes it, but I really really want new stuff. Which isn’t as bad as it might sound, because most of the time I am totally a penny pincher. [...]