About Time I Got to go Shopping

  • I’ve been wanting to go clothes shopping since before Christmas and just finally made it to the mall yesterday. Yup, I’m actually one of the few people that still shops at the mall. At least for clothes. I buy almost everything online, but you really can’t beat the sale racks at the mall for girl clothes. I guess it depends a bit on what you’re buying, but Juniors stuff hits the clearance racks a month or two after it comes out. And I can buy tanks in the winter and sweaters in the summer because I just have to wear them for photos, not actually go out somewhere in them :) Lucky for me I’m a small in most stuff, and there’s always extra smalls lying around. Smalls and larges are always leftover.

    Anyway, I got 3 cute short-sleeve shirts, 2 pleated skirts, a pair of adorable princess pj’s, and some new sandals for  a grand total of . . . $26. And then, there’s always cute lingerie that comes out for the holidays and goes on super sale a week after because really, who wants to buy christmas lingerie in the middle of January? Well I do! So I splurged a little and bought a super cute santa outfit that I had been eying since it came out this year . . . for 75% off :) I’d say that was a pretty productive trip! And you’ll think so too when you see me wearing some of this stuff ;)

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