A Dedicated Crossdressing Server

  • The Crossdresser .com is upgrading to a dedicated server! And of course, all my sister websites like TGirl’s Blog are coming along with it. This means I will have an entire dual core Xeon computer completely dedicated to delivering my hot crossdressing content around the globe I’m pretty excited, and while you might not notice [...]

  • High-Tech TGirl

  • So after my computer breaking down, I was out of town for a week on business (the real kind of business, not the fun kind). And the first day I was gone I checked my email only to discover a message that my websites had been suspended because they were getting too many visitors! This [...]

  • Even TGirls Have Real Life Problems

  • I had all sorts of plans for my time off work over the holidays to catch up on TheCrossdresser.com, write some great posts here, finish a few projects, and get some work done around the house. But no, apparently life had other plans for me. Never fails, right? I sat down at my computer yesterday [...]