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    The Crossdresser .com is upgrading to a dedicated server! And of course, all my sister websites like TGirl’s Blog are coming along with it. This means I will have an entire dual core Xeon computer completely dedicated to delivering my hot crossdressing content around the globe :) I’m pretty excited, and while you might not notice any differences after the upgrade (other than my pages loading a little faster), it will save me a TON of headaches. No more bandwidth spikes to worry about, no more running out of storage space, and I will be gaining a fully redundant RAIN backup of my entire site (which means no lost files in case of an emergency).

    So you see, all of this will ensure that *all* of my photoshoots and videos end up on the web available for your download and enjoyment, plus it frees me up to focus on making *new* photos for my members ;)

    Ok, and while I’m being all excited about this new development for the site, it’s about time I mentioned how wonderful my hosting company is – sure, Way3 has great prices and fast servers, but they also have the most amazing customer service I’ve ever seen. I think the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a response (from a real person) is about 60 seconds . . . and the longest I’ve had to wait to get a problem completely fixed is around 5min. When you compare that to my old host where my site would go completely offline and take a week to get up and running again . . . Way3 is pretty amazing :) Add on top of that the fact that they’ve waived the bandwidth overage charges for my site when I get a mysterious spike in traffic, increased my storage space as my site expanded without charging me, etc. I really can’t say enough good things about them.

    So if you’re looking into making a website, I highly recommend Way3 hosting – and tell them I sent you ;)

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