Crossdresser Hike in the Woods

  • peeing in the woodsThe one nice thing about a rainy Sunday is that no one in their right mind goes out for a picnic. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with crossdressing, hmm? Well last weekend I went out to a local park looking for a place to do some photo shoots – I had packed my backpack full of my cameras, clothes, and makeup; I had some great ideas for some outdoor photos . . . and it turns out that because the weather was so nice I couldn’t find a single private location to take photos. Well today I decided to brave the park again because the forecast was calling for rain, and I thought the overcast skies would work just dandy for my photos. And sure enough, there was no one out today – I had the entire park to myself :)

    So as long as the weather sucks, I’ve found a handful of interesting locations to do sets. That’s not exactly ideal since it would be nice to do photos when the sun is up too . . . so I’m looking for some land to buy for myself. I found a 28 acre plot that sits on top of a hill and is fully wooded that would be perfect for photos. And maybe a house too ;) So now I just need to convince the bank that they should lend me enough money to buy it, lol. And don’t worry, I’m not making that kind of money off the website – my day job will be paying for this one. I just thought it would be a nice perk to use the land for photos :)

    Anyway, while I was out today I decided to wade down a creek in my purple thigh high socks (well I didn’t want to get my cute strappy sandles wet, so what else was I supposed to do!?) It was fun feeling the sandy bottom squish between my socked toes :) Eventually though all that water made me have to PEE! So I popped a squat in front of the camera, fished out my crossdresser clitty, and let loose in the creek. Then I had a better idea. You know those fountains where a statue is peeing into the basin? Well I thought I was just adorable enough to pull that off . . . so I posed like a fountain for the rest of my pee ;) Hope you enjoy! If you like seeing me pee in the woods, the rest of this set will of course be available on my site.

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