Traveling TGirl Photographers Have It Rough

  • Of course everyone knows how airlines have tightened security lately. So usually I just drive anywhere within 8 hours of home without thinking twice. But recently I’ve had to do a good bit of air travel. And I know myself well enough to understand that I’m not going to last for a week-long trip without [...]

  • My New Video Camera

  • Ok, it’s not quite as new as it was when I first mentioned it, but . . . I’ve only had time to use it once, and it’s still shiny and beautiful. So I will call it new Of course I’m talking about my HD video camera which will let me take stunningly high quality [...]

  • No Threesome Today, But Still Some Amazing TGirl Sex

  • Yes, my stunt cock canceled at the last minute today, *sigh*. And I was so looking forward to a nice load of cum on my face So I had to make do with my own cock and a nice little shaved pussy. Overall, it wasn’t a bad backup plan though Don’t worry, I had my [...]