My New Video Camera

  • Ok, it’s not quite as new as it was when I first mentioned it, but . . . I’ve only had time to use it once, and it’s still shiny and beautiful. So I will call it new :) Of course I’m talking about my HD video camera which will let me take stunningly high quality video for my site from now on :D

    Yes, that’s a pic of it (albeit with a little Photoshopping), isn’t it cool? It’s a Canon XHA1. Because I love Canon. My still camera is a Canon, my old video camera is a Canon, my old still camera is a Canon, and my film camera is a Canon. I guess some of it is that I’m used to their products and menu structures and stuff, but they really do make great products. Sony had a camera that’s basically the same as the XHA1, but it didn’t have any features worth switching for and it has lower grade optics. Easy choice :P

    It does take amazing footage (from what I’ve had a chance to play with), and the shape and weight balance make it easy to line up the perfect shot. Of course, most of my footage is taken from a tripod, but it’s nice to imagine the things I could do with it! The only downside is, it’s HUGE. The case I found for it just barely fits into an airplane overhead compartment, which really makes travel pretty exciting . . . but more on that later, hehe.

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