Mountainclimbing – Another TGirl Workout

  • Yup, mountainclimbing. What can I say, guess I’ve got a bit of a tomboy streak ;) I spent the past three days backpacking in the Adirondack Mountains. There are 46 peaks in those mountains with elevations over 4000 feet, and on Sunday we climbed four of them, including the second tallest in the range. The photo up top is the lake we started hiking from with one of the smaller peaks in the background :)

    The photo to the left was on from the hike in, it’s a giant sandstone monument that was erected in the mid 1800′s at the location of an accidental shooting death . . . ok kind of creepy, especially since it sits in the middle of a rather eerie bog. But the sun was at the perfect angle and I thought it was really pretty. Plus I was practicing my HDR photography again, and I like the way the photo came out :D

    And just because I want you to feel bad for me ( ;) ), here’s a pic from the top of Mount Algonquin, second highest peak in the Adirondack Mountains . . . during some really crappy weather. It rained ALL day on Sunday, and we were literally hiking through the center of a cloud at the top. Not to mention the 50mph winds. Exciting stuff! Ok, actually I had a great time, even though the weather was pretty miserable for mountain climbing. Plus now I’ll be in great shape to take more crossdressing photos for you ;)

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