Traveling TGirl Photographers Have It Rough

  • Of course everyone knows how airlines have tightened security lately. So usually I just drive anywhere within 8 hours of home without thinking twice. But recently I’ve had to do a good bit of air travel. And I know myself well enough to understand that I’m not going to last for a week-long trip without dressing up at least once. So of course I bring a few outfits, my makeup, and my cameras (can’t leave out my members from the fun ;) ) whenever I travel. The rules about cameras in security, however, are starting to make this a huge pain :!:

    My giant new video camera barely fits in an overhead compartment, so I have to try to pack all of my camera equipment into that bag. So I stuff my backup video camera and my still camera into a small bag and squeeze it in to the video camera bag. Because I’m certainly not about to put that stuff in checked luggage! Then I have my laptop bag for work. So when I get to the security screening, I have to pull out the little camera bag, unpack both the cameras in there and drop them on the conveyor by themselves, dig out the big video camera and set it on the conveyor, then unpack the laptop and put it on the conveyor as well.

    I am so waiting for a TSA officer to ask me what the heck I’m doing with all that equipment :P . . . And then there’s the small matter of my fake boobs. Against my better judgement I’ve been checking these guys because I REALLY don’t want to get stopped and questioned about those! Not to mention they wouldn’t fit in my carry-on luggage anyway . . .

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