A Useful Post about Shaving for TGirls

  • Ok, I’ve done my fair share of complaining about shaving in the short time my blog’s been online (see here, and here), so it’s time I posted something useful about shaving. Like . . . a trick that every girl learned from her mom, but most crossdressers probably never had the opportunity to pick up. [...]

  • Cold Weather Sucks for TGirls

  • I know I’ve complained about shaving before, but this is miserable. I guess this is the first winter I’ve actually tried to keep myself smooth and sexy all the time – last few years I’ve dressed, I was only shaving when I wanted to do photos. Well anyway, between the cold and the dry air [...]

  • Photoshoots Today

  • Today is photoshoot day for my website (TheCrossdresser.com, but you knew that already). Takes several days of preparation – getting ready to shave, putting together sets and outfits, etc. Between getting ready, changing outfits, and actually taking the pics and video, I’ve been working for 7 hours already, with at least one more set to [...]

  • Shaving

  • Ok, let’s talk about shaving. I know, some people have shaving fetishes. And some people (girls) complain about having to shave “all the time”. But seriously. No one shaves like a crossdresser. My nickname in college used to by “Lucy Fur”, which apparently was a combination of Lucifer, Lucy, and Furry. I guess that means [...]