Photoshoots Today

  • Today is photoshoot day for my website (, but you knew that already). Takes several days of preparation – getting ready to shave, putting together sets and outfits, etc. Between getting ready, changing outfits, and actually taking the pics and video, I’ve been working for 7 hours already, with at least one more set to do tonight.

    Ran out of tape on the camera though, and don’t have enough disk space to download! There’s a sign I have too many photos of myself on my computer, right? So now I’ve got to sit around in my boobs and a t-shirt (they look good in a t-shirt though, believe it or not!) waiting for 10 or 15 gig of files to copy over to my other computer so I can dump the video tape and get on to the next set. Rough life, right?

    At least I’ve got something fun to play with under my shirt . . .

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