I want to shop!

  • I am really in the mood to buy stuff today. I get in a mood like this every month or two, and I have no idea what causes it, but I really really want new stuff. Which isn’t as bad as it might sound, because most of the time I am totally a penny pincher. There’s a lot of stuff that most people buy without a second thought that I will put off and put off because I don’t want to spend money on it. Things like new clothes for work, food (I can survive on ramen noodles and peanut butter for months!), or furniture for my front room. It might make me normal to have these things, but I don’t NEED them, so I don’t spend on them.

    Anyway, there are 3 things I really enjoy shopping for: electronics, sex toys, and girl clothes. Electronics are really expensive, so I don’t let myself buy them very often. And I already own all the cheap sex toys, so the ones I want now are expensive too. So that means when I get in the mood to shop, my only outlet is clothes!

    It’s funny though, because I hate buying my everyday clothes and will put it off as long as possible. But if I have an itch to shop the first thing I will do is hit up sale racks at the mall stores for girl clothes. There’s just something different about them . . . they’re fun and exciting, and almost everything you pick up is a little different than the last piece you pick up. Try saying that about polo shirts or dress slacks. Blah. And the other week I bought a miniskirt for $1 – have you ever seen ANY article of guy clothing being sold for $1?? No!

    So . . . I don’t really understand it, but I can only half complain. Because tomorrow I will be out at the mall looking for more $1 deals. And you can be sure that even though I won’t be able to wear it every day and may only use it for one photoset, it will definitely be worth the $1 I spent!

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