Bad Week for this TGirl

  • Ok, this is a lame first post in awhile (and first post of the month too for that matter), but I’ve had a pretty shitty time at the day job this week, on top of traveling for the better part of last month. :( Today I had a senior manager say to me “that’s absolutely appalling that you would even consider doing something like that” in reference to a research method I had proposed and spent the past 6 months trying to develop, found out one of my suppliers lost all of the data from a study I spent 3 weeks setting up, and my video processing computer for The Crossdresser .com crashed and now will not boot past the system check. :mad:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think anything’s going to get better for at least . . . 3 more weeks. With a couple more trips planned for work, it will take that long to sort out all the crap that went down this week. Phew, but it feels a little better to vent at least

    On the bright side ( :cool: ) waiting in line to be posted for your viewing and reading pleasure are: a new toy review, 5 or so new photo sets, an exciting shopping trip, and a new video camera! Just not today . . . so stay tuned, new useful and sexy t-girl posts are coming soon!

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