Sometimes Being a TGirl Catches Up with Me

  • Eek, it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything! Living a double life has been a little rough lately – the day job has been out of control, April is shaping up to be the worst month of the year so far for the website, and I’ve been fighting a sinus infection and sore throat for the past 5 days.

    Monday I almost signed an email at my day job “Katie” . . . I think that means I need more sleep or something :P That would have been almost as bad as wearing nailpolish in to work :eek:

    I’m out of town Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week, in an all day meeting Monday, then out of town Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week. I’m hoping to get some photosets done in the hotel on Wednesday, but I don’t have a clue when I’m going to find time to post this week’s update to the site. Might just have to do a double update next weekend. I thought I had finally gotten things down and was dedicated enough to the site that I wouldn’t run into any more situations like this. And trust me, this one isn’t for lack of dedication – The Crossdresser .com is literally 50% of my life (the other 50% being my day job). Oy.

    When I finish up this project at work, I’m taking a week of vacation, that’s all there is to it. Time to do some yardwork and get caught up on the site. So there :!: In the meantime I just need to kick this sinus infection in the ass . . .

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