For My British TGirls

  • I just got a lesson in British English tonight, so I thought I’d share. It’s rather amusing and on-topic (they’re all tgirl terms)  . . . plus I am totally jealous of the accent my British gurls have!

    First, the term “crossdresser”. A US crossdresser is probably a UK transvestite. And a US transvestite is probably a UK crossdresser. If that’s confusing . . . a guy who is serious about looking, feeling, and/or acting like a girl would probably be called a crossdresser in the US and a transvestite in the UK. A guy who just likes wearing panties or who identifies as male even when dressed would usually be referred to as a transvestite in the US and a crossdresser in the UK. Crazy, right?

    Ok, next up is pantyhose. The British are very refined in their hosiery terminology. “Nylons” are literally made of nylon and usually refer to thigh high hosiery that do not stay up on their own. “Nylons” and “stockings” require “suspenders” (“garters” in the US) to stay up. “Stay-ups” on the other hand, also known as “hold-ups”, are what we typically think of in the US as “thigh-highs” – they have built in silicone or rubber strips, dots, etc at the top so they stay up. In the US “stockings” would usually refer to long knit socks. The terms “tights” and “pantyhose” are not very popular in the UK, but “tights” are usually sheer hosiery whereas in the US they are thick or opaque (equivalent to the UK “leggings”).

    Then there’s “arse”, which in the US is “ass”, and refers to one of my favorite parts of my body :) But interestingly, the US “ass” used in reference to a donkey is also “ass” in the UK.

    And “boob” which in the UK refers to a mistake, but in the US is slang for breast. Thus the slang “boob tube” referring to a TV in the US. Oddly, “boob tube” in the UK refers to a “tube top” or strapless shirt even though the British don’t use “boob” to refer to breasts . . . go figure :P

    “Court shoe” in the UK is a woman’s dress shoe equivalent to the US “pump” . . . though in the US a “court shoe” would probably refer to an athletic shoe.

    “Fanny” in the UK is a mild slang term for vagina, but in the US it’s a mild slang term for the butt. Now that could get awkward :!:

    “Hooker” in the US is a prostitute, but in the UK it’s a rugby player. Be careful, that one could get you in real trouble.

    “Horny” in the US means desperate for sex, but in the UK it means sexually attractive.

    “Jumper” means sweater in the UK, but refers to a dress traditionally worn by schoolgirls in the US. And knickers in the UK are panties, not pants as in the US.

    Hope you enjoyed those, I sure did. And maybe some of them will even help keep you out of trouble ;)

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