A TGirl’s Tools

  • Katie and her Power ToolsSo what I want to know is . . . who ever thought it was a good idea to let me have power tools?! :evil: This set was so much fun once I figured out how to get my little pink dildo mounted on my drill. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t work, but I was damn impressed once I figured out how to get it in and still reach the trigger! It was certainly a bit of a challenge. And probably dangerous since I didn’t have very good control of my drill. But all in the name of porn ;) Besides, it felt really cool (except the one time when I hit the trigger too hard :eek: )

    I also had this really great cumshot lined up (yes, I have to plan my orgasms to make sure I capture them on film well. But don’t worry, they still feel good). And then right after the first big spurt, my camera card was full! :( I was so upset because not only did the camera angle end up being perfect, but it was a really big and nice looking load of cum. Oh well, I got it on video at least, and it’s pretty darn impressive that way too (if I may say so myself ;) )

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