Thank You for Buying Pornography

  • Thank You for Buying PornOk, so I just watched the movie Thank You for Smoking (I know, I’m a little behind the times), and I can’t help but see some similarities with the porn industry. Ok, I know, our death toll is even lower than firearms . . . but hey, we’ve got psychological damage going for us!

    Seriously though, what’s the point of living if it isn’t to experience things? For some people that might mean buying the coolest gadgets. For others it might be enjoying fine food, wine, and smokes. Or having a perfect family with 2.5 children and a white picket fence. For some it’s climbing the highest mountain. And for me, it’s sex ;) And while all of these activities come with risks (bankruptcy, obesity, mid life crisis, tragic death, psychological damage, etc), we’re each free to chose the risks that have the greatest personal payout.

    If you’re wondering, I’ve chosen this lifestyle because the tradeoffs (sexual fulfillment and personal satisfaction with my gender identity) are more than worth the potential consequences (I’ll leave them up to your imagination). And besides, the alternative (living a normal life with the 2.5 kids and white picket fence) would most certainly come at a high price (dissatisfaction with my life, discomfort in my identity, regret, complacency, etc).

    So I want to personally thank you (yes you) for buying pornography. Even if it’s not a membership to my site (The Crossdresser .com in case you’ve missed that). Your visit to my blog, your interest in my photos, your membership to someone else’s site . . . it all helps support the choice, the ability for those of us in this industry to strive for something that makes us happy. You allow us to embody our dreams and aspirations without fearing judgment or retribution from society. Thank you :)

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