New Crossdressing Clothes

  • Just thought you might like to know what I found this past week shopping for new t-girl outfits. That way you’ll know what to expect in my photos soon :)

    I bought a couple new pairs of shoes online, including a pair of patent leather thigh-high boots. How hot :!: Also some glittery pink pumps, and a pair of red sneakers. Because I realized recently that I didn’t have any sneakers, and sometimes they can be sexy in that cute little girl way :bubbles: So now I’ve fixed the situation.

    I also picked up a pair of fairy wings that are soooo cute. Because you know, I’m an innocent little angel 0:) Or at least, I play one on the internet! I’ve also been buying jewelry here and there – I never really had any to wear for sets, but figured it would help some of my outfits to have a few pieces.

    Socks, my favorite things ever . . . I found some adorable lace anklets with blue and white stripes. And a couple pairs of these crazy thigh-high leg warmers, one of them even has an angle sewn in the bottom so they’re made to go all the way down over your heels. And the best part, they’re made by a Japanese company, and the brand’s tagline is “Makes you hot”. How cool is that? I also found some thick cotton ribbed footless tights, and stirrup tights – I didn’t even know those things still existed! Oh, and some pink and white striped thigh high toe socks. Because the only thing better than a pink sock, is a pink thighhigh toesock :)

    Almost as good as socks, I found a bodystocking grab bag sale and got 3 new bodystockings (one of which I’m really excited to try out!). And the same deal with mesh dresses, so I bought 2 of those.

    Then after all that, I went to the mall. I stopped in to a $1 panty sale and went a little crazy. I think I ended up with about 15 new pairs of panties, mostly boyshorts with lots of lycra in them . . . which look awesome on my ass. A few pairs of mesh and lace panties too.

    Found a couple dresses too. One is a really neat sweater dress that fits great. And a black full-length party dress that’s only so-so in comparison. Also bought a tiny little spandex mini-skirt – that’s going to be a fun new look for me!

    Ok, I think that’s all I bought. But after all that I was exhausted :P Everything was on sale though, so I was pretty excited to get all that new stuff for around $150. No joke! I love sales :D D

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