I Love the Vintage Photo Look

  • Just finishing posting this week’s update to The Crossdresser .com, and was thinking about what to write about for my blog post when it struck me how much I really like the vintage photography look. Every time I do a really cool elaborate set, I end up looking at the pics and thinking what great vintage photos they would make. Maybe it’s just a deep seated fantasy I have that I’ve never completely fulfilled, maybe it has something to do with my interest in forced feminization and sissification. Well anyway, here’s a little sample from this week’s update. Maybe it’s just my taste in set design.

    Katie looking vintage again

    Oh well, I like the pic regardless, hopefully you do too ;) And yes, that is a new toy in there, don’t let me forget to write a post about how it worked out (tomorrow with a little luck). Also have lots of new tgirl clothes to tell you about, I’ve been doing way too much shopping over the past week or two :P

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